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WMRC actively engages with our community by sponsoring trade events and participating in seminars and conferences. Occasionally, we are invited as a guest speaker or commentator for topics relating to the financial industry and recruitment.

Our objective in these events is to support networking within the financial industry and to promote knowledge sharing of best practices.


25 - 26

Credit Suisse Young Generation Workshop 2016

Date: 26 - 26 February 2016
Venue: Credit Suisse, Singapore

Credit Suisse Young Generation Workshop is a 2-day content-packed event targeted at the young generation of high net worth families.  

John Koh, Managing Director of WMRC Private Ltd. spoke on Day 2 on topics covering the role of headhunting in private banking, the 'art & science' of headhunting, how headhunters assist in a job search and qualities headhunters look for in potential private banker candidates.


10 - 12

The Asian Banker Summit 2016

Date: 10 - 12 May 2016
Venue: JW Marriott Hanoi, Vietnam

Into its 17th year, The Asian Banker Summit 2016 will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam. As key economies in Asia, such as China, move ahead with structural reforms and transition to more sustainable long-term growth model; there is now renewed focus on ASEAN as an engine of future growth. How do investors view the potential of Vietnam?

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